About Faiyaz Dean

Faiyaz Dean is an attorney-at-law and the owner of the securities law firm, Dean Law Corp., which is based in Vancouver, Canada. His responsibilities include assisting clients with initial public offerings (IPOs) and registration statements. Faiyaz Dean has also practiced law in Seattle, Washington, and is a member of the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).

Founded in 1888, the WSBA has been granted the authority to license Washington’s 35,000 lawyers by the state’s Supreme Court. According to the WSBA, all attorneys starting out in practice must complete at least four hours of free education before being admitted to the bar. New Lawyer Education (NLE) helps new lawyers to transition smoothly from law school to the legal profession. It is the result of a 2006 mandate and seeks to advance professionalism, ethics, and competency in the Bar.

To build on the goals of NLE, the WSBA offers new lawyers access to free or inexpensive accredited programs during their initial four years of practice. Members of the WSBA can search for CLE (continuing legal education) materials and seminars on the association’s website.


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